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4 Benefits Of Dance Classes for Introverted Kids

Dancing Kids
When your child is an introvert, they tend to need more alone time than other kids in order to recharge their batteries, and they may get overwhelmed in loud, crowded environments. This doesn't mean they can't enjoy group activities like dance classes, however. In fact, dance classes can have a lot of emotional and social benefits for more introverted kids.  

Dance Classes Are a Less Scary Way to Socialize

For introverted kids, dance classes can offer the perfect blend of individual instruction and socializing. Your child will have a chance to talk to other kids before and after class, but then they will be focused on following instruction and learning new dance steps and skills. Since the focus isn't on socializing, your child may feel less pressured than in other social situations.  
For introverted children, it is often more important to have a few close friendships than to be friends with everyone in school. Dance class friendships can be easy to form since your child will be sharing a bonding experience with the other kids in class. Encourage them to invite one or two of their new dance friends over for introvert-friendly playdates after class!  

Dance Classes Build Their Confidence

Introverted children tend to rely more on their own internal motivation than external motivation in the form of trophies or accolades. This is a strength that can be honed in dance classes since you can encourage your child to challenge themselves, to sign up for increasingly difficult classes, and to practice often.  
Learning new choreography is a challenge to your child's stamina as well as their memory and other cognitive functions. As your child gains new dance skills, they will have a genuine reason to be proud and feel a sense of accomplishment. Learning a fun new skill is a great way to build real confidence, especially in an introverted child.  

Dance Classes Get Them Out of Their Head

Some introverted children tend to ruminate or spend too much worrying and overthinking. Dance classes, much like running or playing sports, are a wonderful counterbalance to this tendency. By focusing on how they breathe, move, and balance their body, they will shift from overthinking to being present in the moment.  
In particular, ballet classes involve focusing on small, controlled movements that require so much concentration your child won't have time to worry about other things. Other forms of dance, like hip hop and jazz, can bring your child a feeling of joy and an enjoyment of physical movement. This feeling can then carry on long after their dance class is over.  

Dance Classes Provide an Emotional Outlet

he saying "still waters run deep" definitely tends to apply to introverted children, who may not always express their feelings but tend to have deep and complex emotions. Dance is a powerful way to express emotions, including joy and sadness, through beautiful movements.  
Dance can help your child express themselves in a way that feels safe instead of bottling up all of their feelings. You can help guide this process by asking your child how they feel when they hear a certain song or perform a certain style of dance.  
As you can see, dance classes can be enjoyable and beneficial for even the most introverted kids. When signing your child up for dance classes at The Dance Refinery, ask us about which classes would be the best fit for a more shy or introverted child. While your child is welcome at any class, some classes are smaller and offer more one-on-one instruction.