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Ways Kids Can Benefit From Dance Classes

Kids Dance class
Dance is a timeless art that has delighted children for centuries, and it's an activity that all kids can enjoy. Dance classes can be a fun way for children to get together and challenge themselves in new ways, and your children don't have to become professional dancers to still get a lot out of dance classes. Consider these ways that dance classes can benefit kids.

Helps Kids Develop Problem-solving Skills

The Washington Post reports that dance can help children develop problem-solving skills they can then use in many areas in life. As they figure out how to best follow the instructions, learn choreography, and express themselves through dance, even toddlers in beginning dance classes will start developing stronger problem-solving skills.

As children advance in classes and take on more challenging dances, they will be presented with artistic and logistical problems to solve as they strive for excellence. For example, they may concentrate on how to express a certain emotion through dance. Dance demands that kids learn to consistently solve new problems, which helps them build their reasoning and understanding skills.

Sets the Scene for Increased Confidence

Many aspects of dance classes can help children gain confidence. According to Charlotte Parent magazine, dancing helps kids develop strong self-esteem that can be especially beneficial as they near adolescence. It can help kids develop confidence as they learn more about their own natural talents, and they also are sure to feel good after learning especially tough dance moves.

Dancing can also help children realize the strength of their own body and can help them realize that they can overcome challenges with hard work. The art of dance can help children simply feel capable of doing what they set out to do. The confidence gained during dance classes can lay the foundation for feeling better about themselves in other areas of life as well.

Offers Health and Fitness Benefits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children get at least an hour of physical activity each day. That's not always easy for families, and some schools are even cutting back on recess time. Dancing is a great aerobic activity, and it can also help kids develop posture and coordination.

Dancing helps children in their physical development in multiple ways. For example, kids naturally learn body awareness and develop balance as they master dance routines. Dance requires that participants use their entire body and results in developing stronger muscles, along with a greater range of motion.

Aids in the Development of Social Skills

Many extracurricular activities are sure to help children develop their social skills, and dance classes are especially good at this. In fact, The Atlantic reported that schools are increasingly teaching the art of dance to kids because it teaches empathy and allows them to more easily develop social-emotional skills. It also helps shy and bashful kids come out of their shells.

Dance classes teach children the importance of being respectful of each other. No matter what different backgrounds kids may come from, they easily unite when trying to accomplish shared goals to create a beautiful dance. These classes can also help kids develop friendships and feel better about interacting with other children.

Allows Kids the Freedom to Be Creative

Dance promotes creativity. Not only can kids be creative with the choices they make in dance classes, but they can also feel free to explore other arts. After taking dance classes, children may feel free to explore how they can express joy through painting in the same way that they do with movement. Through the joy of dance, they may discover that self-expression through creativity is a healthy way to get attention and feel great.

Dance classes can introduce a whole new world of active enjoyment to little ones. Whether your children want to take classes for fun or aim to be competitive dancers, there is a lot to be gained from dance. The Dance Refinery offers dance classes for kids starting at just 15 months old. Contact us to find out how we can help bring out the best in your child.