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Ways to Improve High School Sport Performance With Dance Classes

improving dancing
A love of dance extends beyond just the dance classes you attend. If you play high school sports, use dance lessons and classes to improve the way you play on the field. Every sport requires different skills. Improve a number of those skills through learning, practicing, and mastering multiple forms of dance.
By breaking down a group of popular high school sports, you can find ways dance lessons will help with various athletic pursuits. Take the dance lessons in the off-season or during available times to help keep you in shape when you're busy with a full sports schedule. Learn about various dance benefits and the classes that correlate with specific sports and skills.


The tackles and hard hits on the football field may seem like the furthest thing from dance classes, but there are numerous advantages to dance lessons. Each position on the football field can benefit from time spent on the dance floor.
For defensive and offensive linemen, dance classes help players move quickly on their toes as they hold their ground and build strength in the lower body. For wide receivers, the agility learned through dance classes helps with routes and runs after catches.
A quarterback uses quick footwork to get in and out of the pocket while stepping off for a pass. Gather some football teammates together to join a dance class and learn as a team.


Soccer requires endurance, stamina, and great footwork. All three of these elements are an essential part of dance class. As you build routines and movements, your body's muscles will strengthen and your body will handle longer runs on the soccer field better.
Focus on a dance class like ballet to improve footwork. The delicate moves in ballet transition to better control and use of your feet on the soccer field. Dribble better, pass accurately, and build up leg strength for proper kicks.
A fast-paced dance class also helps with the fast-paced and non-stop nature of a soccer game. Consider a hip-hop dance class to take on fast movements, longer songs, and detailed choreography.


Running and dancing are both about finding a proper rhythm. Your arms, legs, and body must move at a consistent pace to properly flow. Through dance lessons, you will find better coordination with your body and improved control over your movements.
As you compete in track races, improvements focus on the pace of your run, the speeds at which you run, and the distances you're able to travel. Dance lessons improve on all of these factors and make a big difference once running season comes around.
Foot pain commonly occurs in track, and going through dance lessons helps strengthen your foot and other areas like calves and ankles. Stronger muscles help prevent injury out on the field.


Wrestling is another sport that’s not commonly associated with dancing, but the coordination and ability to reverse moves relates to dance in more ways than you may realize. One of the biggest areas where dance helps with wrestling athletes is through flexibility.
Dance moves and routines will help your body flex, stretch, and use muscles you've never used before. Ballet classes focus on key elements like stretching and flexibility. Core body strength helps you overpower opponents and perform moves while on the mat. Dance classes with partners work to help build strength as you lift partners and perform moves where a lot of strength is needed.
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