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Why You Should Encourage Your Son to Dance

Dancing boy

Dancing is a gender-neutral sport, but the activity is often unfairly geared toward girls. However, many dance companies teach dancing in ways that are tailored to fit a boy's interests and even have classes and programs that are boys-only.
Why encourage your son to take dance lessons? Here are several reasons dancing is a beneficial sport for boys.

Dancing Builds Important Skills 

Dance classes give your son the ability to stretch, build, and tone his muscles and form, helping him to excel in other sports. Furthermore, dance teaches your son how to follow directions, be patient and respectful of his peers, and work as part of a team. Many men use the skills they develop in dance to become prominent athletes in sports like football and baseball.

Dancing for Boys Is Growing 

Due to the increased acceptance of dance as both an art form and disciplinary sport, dancing is rising in popularity among boys. This change means that when you enroll your son in a dance class, he likely won't be the only boy in the class.

If your son has reservations about starting dance classes, ask a dance instructor if you and your child can sit in on a class. If the dance studio offers a boys-only class, ask to view the class in action so you and your son can see what the dancing style entails.

Dancing Offers Career Opportunities 

As a minority in the field, your son may have more career opportunities than his female counterparts if he keeps dancing until he can compete or dance professionally. Professional dancers travel across the globe, perform on cruise ships and traveling artist troupes, and perform in the theater.

If your son is thinking of a career in entertainment, dance is a wise way to start him off on the right foot. Ask your dance studio representative for a list of available classes and speak to your son about the style of dance he'd like.

Dancing Helps to Erase Stereotypes 

The classic stereotype that dancing, ballet in particular, is just for girls is still alive today. By enrolling your son in dance classes, you and your family can help dispel this common stereotype.

In addition to breaking down societal restrictions, encouraging your son to dance challenges his own perception of the sport. Dance can help your son to become more well-rounded and accepting while giving him a rewarding hobby that keeps him healthy physically and mentally.

Dancing Inspires Creativity 

Dancing gives your son a creative outlet, which can help him to understand and express his emotions. Boys are often taught to stay quiet about how they feel and leave emotions bottled up inside. If your son has issues and insecurities expressing his anger, fear, or even joy, dance is an outlet he can enjoy without feeling self-conscious or put on the spot.

Dancing Promotes a Healthy Outlook 

If your son has low self-esteem, dance can transform his way of thinking by challenging him in ways no other sport can. Dance requires mental and physical control and constantly pushes boundaries of the body. Your son will quickly learn that he is capable of more than he previously thought, which benefits him in dance and other areas of his life, such as school and social interaction.

Dance is beneficial for all children and can help kids be mentally and physically fit. You and your son have many styles of dance to consider based on what his interests and future goals are. See us at The Dance Refinery for a list of classes, including boys-only classes, and to learn more about our enrollment process.