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Tremaine Nationals
Tremaine Nationals 2015 Senior Highest Score Gold
AIM Senior "Rule The World"

Do you have a competitive edge? Do you have the winners never quit attitude combined with the drive to keep going until it’s perfect? Here at The Dance Refinery, we offer a full range of competitive programs where our students are required to not only take but also compete ballet, tap, and jazz. As they get older they will also start musical theater, lyrical, and contemporary and compete them as well. We believe in the fundamentals of dance and that being well rounded makes you a stronger performer and constantly encourage our students to take a variety of classes to ensure their growth not only as dancers but artists.  If you are looking for the FULL package, you may also be interested in one of our Competitive Hip Hop Crews or Competitive Pointe Program.  These programs could be in addition to your dance performing group commitment or as a separate commitment from the dance performing groups.  All competitive Dance, Hip Hip, & Pointe Performing Groups will compete at 2 Regional Dance Competitions and 1 National Dance Competition, as well as perform in our Annual Recital. Auditions are held for these groups during the Summer.

  • Showbiz Kids​
  • Artists In Motion II Prep
  • Artists In Motion II
  • Artists In Motion Teen
  • Artists In Motion Senior 

Below are our 2018-2019 Recreation Competitive Groups:
  • Petitie Recreational Hip Hop
  • Junior Recreational Jazz 
  • Recreational Hip Hop
  • Recreational Tap 

Below are our 2018-2019 HIP HOP CRUS:
  • Hip Hop ReDefined 
  • Defining MVMNT 
  • THE Definition 

Below is our 2018-2019 Competitive Pointe Program:
  • Intermediate Competitive Group
  • Advanced Competitive Group

Interested in becoming a member of Artists In Motion or a Hip Hop Crew? Contact us today at 317-881-1905!

Only interested in doing one form or dance? Worried because you have only ever done jazz, but have never taken tap or ballet? No worries! Many of our students have been in your situation.  Here at The Dance Refinery, we are able to look past your weaknesses and see your strengths. Our program will help you get to the place you want to be. We also have recreational dance performing groups offered in both jazz and hip hop. These classes have fewer requirements than our competitive performing groups, they are only required to meet once a week, compete at two local competitions, perform at our Annual Recital. This is a great alternative for someone who is wanting to branch out from our recreational program and see what the competitive dance life is all about!